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EMISI helps you to count your carbon emission and other pollutants that are produced by daily activities. It provides several options to cut your daily emission and count the needed trees to absorb the remaining emission. This platform encourages you to actively contribute to Indonesia's emission abatement!

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Emission is produced by various human activities, covering the usage mode of transport, food consumption, waste generation, and clothing. The emission we produce might contribute to current climate crisis and our air quality, leading to common disasters such as drought, floods, extreme weather and health disease.


It is the time for you to take part for better change!

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Count, manage and absorb the remaining emission

We have plenty of feasible actions to reduce emission. Taking public transportation, shifting to eco-friendly products and recycling our waste are daily activities we can do to minimize our generated emission. To maximise reduction, we can consider emission sequesteration by counting our remaining emission. It is possibly done by planting trees around restoration area, as it becomes one of emission sequesteration methods.

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Your Action Matters

Support mangrove forest restoration to absorb your remaining emission.

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Use EMISI,Save the Earth

EMISI aims to educate more people about the impact of individual consumption behavior on climate change and empower people to take even more actions to reduce their climate footprint.


Emission Tracking

Easily track and count your emissions from daily activities.


Facilitate Eco-Recovery

Enable you to contribute restoring degraded ecosystems through crowdfunding.


Embrace Sustainability

Support your shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle.


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You can do the following and learn more on our website, or use EMISI mobile application to make it easier and more practical in a handy version.


Disclaimer :

EMISI Calculator is designed to calculate individual-level GHGs and air pollutant emissions from various categories, such as transportation, waste, food, clothing, and electricity, from daily basis and then determine the necessary carbon sequestration through reforestation and afforestation. Adopting concepts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism, EMISI Calculator uses the bottom-up approach to calculate various types of emissions and air pollutants to make them personal, science driven, and trackable. EMISI Calculator helps users understand how their daily activities contribute to GHGs and air pollutant emissions. It also calculates the estimation of trees needed to sequester the emissions. Despite utilizing the best available data and models, the methodologies in this tool have several limitations. Hence, tree planting activity governed under EMISI can’t be claimed under any carbon transaction. It's more of a catalyst for forest restoration through crowdfunding.